Illegal Reasons For Termination In California

Signs Of Wrongful Termination Under California Employment Law

Wrongful termination or unlawful dismissal occurs when an employer fires a worker or employee in violation of federal or state employment laws. If you were dismissed or threatened to be fired because of your protected traits, you might have a viable wrongful termination claim, and there are California employment lawyers who may help you recover damages and lost benefits.

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The following reasons for termination are, in general, considered illegal:

  • Because of your age, race, sex, disability, or other protected characteristics under California employment law

  • In reprisal for reporting illegal activities, discrimination, harassment, or food and health breaches

  • After taking a sick or family leave, serving in the military, sitting on a jury, or voting

  • Your termination violates the terms of your employment contract.

If you've been fired for these illegal causes, don't hesitate to contact California employment lawyers near you. They have the experience and knowledge to help you file the right paperwork, meet deadlines, and gather proof to create a solid employment law claim in California.

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Who Is Eligible For Wrongful