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What Can You Get From A Wrongful Termination Claim In West Covina?

Updated: Nov 25

Learn About Employment Law And Wrongful Termination Damages For Employees of West Covina, CA.

There are illegal reasons to fire employees—including at-will workers. If you've been fired due to discrimination, retaliation, or in violation of public policy, you have the right to report your employer or file claims. If successful, you can be awarded damages to compensate for your losses due to the wrongful termination.

That said, here's what you need to know about wrongful termination damages, as handled by our prescreened West Covina Employment Lawyers.

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What Protects You From Wrongful Termination In West Covina?

In the state of California, employment is at will. This means that absent a contract, agreement, or exception to a law or policy, employers in California are free to fire an employee at any time for any cause.

There are some restrictions on the right to fire anyone at any moment. However, when you fall under one of the aforementioned protected classifications, you are shielded from termination rooted in discrimination. Additionally, you are protected if you report violations of the Labor Code, underpaid wages, inadequate health and safety conditions, or other issues.

All employees are eligible for certain safeguards, including:

  • hourly workers

  • salaried personnel

  • contract workers

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What Wrongful Termination Damages Can You Be Awarded In West Covina, California?

Under California Employment Law, a successful plaintiff may be awarded economic and non-economic damages. You and your West Covina Employment Law Attorney can calculate these damages through financial and emotional losses you've experienced due to Wrongful Termination in West Covina.

If an employee in California was fired improperly, numerous remedies are available to them. Among the remedies that you might have access to are:

  • previously lost income (back pay)

  • upcoming lost earnings (front pay)

  • reinstatement

  • promotion (if denied to you based on discrimination)

  • cost of living expenditures

  • policy alterations (if discrimination was based on a policy)

  • training (to educate employer and employees on wrongful termination)

  • acceptable adjustments (for example, in cases where discrimination is based on a medical condition)

  • compensation for emotional suffering (emotional distress in itself is painful, but it can also lead to a host of health problems)

  • punitive damages (when the discrimination is so egregious)

  • lawyer's fees and expenses

That said, every case is different. In addition, the calculations and possible damages vary depending on the facts of your wrongful termination claim. Hence, contacting a prescreened West Covina Labor Law Attorney is vital to help you sort through your damages and settlements.

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What Is The Process Of Filing Wrongful Termination Claims In West Covina?

Depending on the form of wrongful termination, wrongful termination cases are handled differently in West Covina. You will probably need to submit a pre-complaint inquiry with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) if your wrongful termination claim is based on discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.

By submitting this form, you can ask the DFEH to:

  • Look into and resolve your claim.

  • Provide a right to sue notice that enables you to bring a lawsuit.

According to California Rules of Civil Procedure, the employer and any other adverse party must be served with the complaint after the claim has been filed in the appropriate court. As a result, the legal claim process in court is initiated, and the employer will now have a chance to react to the complaint.

Hearings will be scheduled, and during the discovery process, you and your West Covina Labor Lawyer can ask the employer for specific records and confessions. The employer will be given the same chance.

The matter can go to trial if a settlement is not reached. Everything is dependent on the specifics of the case. In certain instances, a trial may result in a better result than a settlement. However, a trial's risk is always associated since juries might be unreliable. Therefore, it is always better to speak with your California West Covina Employment Law Attorney about your best choices.

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