Who Is Responsible After A Rental Car Accident In California?

Did You Get Into An Accident In A Rental Car During Your Visit To California? Here's How To Identify The Liable Party

Accidents can cause severe injuries, financial losses, and emotional harm. In addition, some victims might be unable to work or function for some time, further exemplifying the difficulties suffered in these accidents. Hence, personal injury laws compensate victims for accidents and injuries they did not cause.

However, faults and liabilities can sometimes get complicated. Who pays for your rented car? If your leased car was faulty, then who's at fault? Let's talk about rental car accidents and car accident claims, as Personal Injury Attorneys in California will handle them.

Personal Injury Attorneys in California

A Quick Overview Of California Personal Injury Claims

You may be entitled to file a personal injury claim in California if you or a family member has been hurt due to someone else's negligence. California's personal injury laws aim to reimburse accident victims and make negligent parties accountable.

The amount of money you receive is determined by several variables, including the type of injuries you have, property damages, medical expenditures, and emotional distress.

Some of these damages are non-economic, and determining how much a liable party should pay for them requires proof and sufficient rationale. For example, you'll need sound reasoning and evidence of your mental and emotional difficulties to establish emotional distress damages.

A California Car Accident Lawyer will have extensive experience in this field. They'll know how to assess the situation, gather evidence, and make a strong case for you. Please contact one of our prescreened Personal Injury Attorneys in California if you require immediate assistance.

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Who Can Be Held Liable For Your Rental Car Accident In California?

The at-fault in accident claims depends on the circumstances of your accident. In some cases, you might identify multiple parties responsible for your accident.

When this happens to you, your California Rental Car Accident Lawyer will look at the following potential at-fault parties for Rental Car Accident Liability:

1. The Owner Of The Rental Car

Rental car owners are responsible for maintaining their units and checking for possible problems. They shouldn't be allowing people to rent cars with faulty brakes, wirings, and engines.

If found that they failed in their duty to do so, you can file a personal injury claim against the owner. Contact a prescreened California Rental Car Accident Lawyer ASAP if you're unsure how the process works.

2. Manager Or Staff

A manager, maintenance staff, or rental services crew can be held liable if they've been negligent in maintaining and checking the rental vehicle. In some cases, both the manager and the rental vehicle owner can be made to compensate you for your claim.

3. Car Manufacturer And Distributors

If the car is found to have manufacturing defects or design problems, then the manufacturer or the distribution company might be held liable for your damages.

That's why it's so important to make sure you and your California Car Accident Lawyer investigate the vehicle itself. Finding your own evidence is a great way to solidify your Rental Car Accident Liability Claims.

4. The Other Driver