Consulting With A Pre-Screened Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

Updated: Mar 4

Choosing The Right Orange County Car Accident Lawyer Can Make a Difference

Your life can change dramatically forever in a split second. A vehicle swerves across the road into your path, or an irresponsible driver causes a car accident. Maybe someone doesn't stop or falls asleep at the wheel. A car accident can leave you permanently injured or cause a loved one to die wrongfully.

You'd think choosing a car accident lawyer in Orange County is easy, however, reports from the California State Bar reveal many attorneys are disciplined for misconduct. Selecting the right car accident lawyer in Orange county is the single, most important decision to ensure a successful outcome of your personal injury claim.

orange county car accident lawyer

Car Accidents In Orange County California

Many extreme injuries result in lifelong impairment of mobility. In the case of a major traffic accident, the victims of the accident involved will face the high cost of loss, whether physical, emotional, or property.

You may have the right to compensation that will assist you with your burden and recover some of what has been lost.

The Hotspots For Fatal Car Accidents in Orange County.

There are over 2 million traffic accidents per year in the United States, and there were 33,654 car accident fatalities in 2018. Of such, in California, 3,563 people were killed in car collisions, and southern California is home to some of the state's most congested freeways.

In 2011, Cypress Surface Streets saw four deaths.

Orange county sees less, but when driving to Villa Park and Chapman, motorists can still watch. Santa Ana's traffic accident deaths appear to occur only south of the 22 and adjacent areas along Harbor Boulevard. Irvine, like Orange, sees fewer deaths. Around southern Magnolia and Brookhurst, Huntington Beach has a few deaths every year.

There are very few fatal accident victims in Newport and Dana Point. If you are involved in a car accident, speak to a pre-screened Orange County car accident lawyer.

It's important to note that only cars are not involved in all car accidents.

GHSA data from 2018 shows that California is one of the top 15 states with the highest rate of pedestrian deaths in the world.

Distracted driving, drunk driving, or reckless driving, especially

on crowded city streets, may cause devastating pedestrian accidents.