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How To Preserve Your Car Accident Claim In California

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Making Sure You Get The Maximum Compensation From Your Car Accident Claims In California

It's both alarming and infuriating to be involved in a car accident. Even if you don't get life-threatening injuries, you'll have to undergo a lengthy process of paperwork, verification, and insurance transactions.

There is, however, a reason why these procedures must be followed. They're there for more than just your health and safety; they're also there to avoid any potential disputes with your insurance company days following the accident.

So, let's discuss what to do following a car accident, as recommended by our Top Rated Car Accident Attorneys In Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

1. Call 911 As Soon As Possible

To get help, dial 911. The police and medical assistants will then be dispatched to you.

Always alert the medical responders if you've been injured, no matter how small you think an injury is. Just because you aren't in excruciating physical discomfort doesn't mean you aren't dealing with underlying difficulties. Concussions, bruises, and small fractures can go unnoticed for long periods of time.

You should also ensure you stay long enough to file a police report. This will be made public in a few days and will be useful later.

California Car Accidents

2. Confrontations Should Be Avoided

People's emotions can be thrown into overdrive when they are involved in a car accident. However, you must remember that getting into a battle with the other driver would not help you.

Arguments and brawls might lead to further issues and will not help you earn more money from your insurance claim.

3. Find Possible Witnesses

Make a list of all witnesses and collect their information. Witnesses may not be able to wait for the police officer to come; even if they do, a busy officer may not be able to meet with all of them.

Witnesses can assist you in establishing your case if you fall into legal difficulty or have issues with your insurance claim. All you need are their names and contact information, and your California Car Accident Attorney will handle the rest.

4. Take Photos

If you can, take photos of your car, the debris in its vicinity, the other driver's vehicle, and the scene.

Photographs are used to document hazardous driving conditions, road obstacles, vehicle conditions and damage, and other elements that may have contributed to the car accident.

This will also be the documentation you'll need to send to your insurance company.

5. Exchange Insurance Information

If possible, take a photo of the other driver's insurance card. The police officer will write down the name of the other driver's insurance company but not the insurance conditions.

Photograph the front and back of their insurance card or policy. You'll need all of this information to sue insurance companies for damages.

However, keep in mind that insurance firms are businesses. Their primary purpose is to make money, which sadly leads to them undervaluing your damages or using deceptive tactics to reduce your settlement. However, you should not speak with any insurance company until you've spoken with a knowledgeable California Car Accident Lawyer.

6. Get Your Valuables

Remove all valuables from your vehicle. You may not see your car for a long time if it is towed or you are moved to an ambulance.

So grab your phone, paperwork, and any other valuables you want to save with you.

7. Don't Post About The Car Crash On Social Media

On social media, nothing about the accident should be disclosed. Making a public claim can jeopardize any legal or insurance claim, even if it's just a rant.

Anything you say (or tweet) can be used against you.

8. Don't Talk Openly About The Accident With Other People

Avoid casually discussing the accident with others. Anything you say could be overheard by anyone and used against you in the future if you face legal or insurance claims.

Call your car accident lawyer instead if you have a question.

California Personal Injury

9. Hire the Best Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Insurance companies, as previously stated, do not always operate in your best interests. There's no reason to accept insurance settlements that are low-balled and unfair. Instead, you can take them to court and obtain the money you deserve.

Contact an expert Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer to protect yourself from unjust insurance evaluations.

Find the Best Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles, CA is a California Bar Association Certified Lawyer Referral Service that can refer you to an attorney best fit for your case. You can complete our submission form or reach us through our 24/7 live chat for a free initial consultation.

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