Insane Accident Case That Never Should Have Made It To Court

Updated: Mar 28

Find A California Personal Injury Attorney To Avoid Legal Complications

Laura Rosenberg sued GOOGLE claiming that the search giant was responsible for her injuries due to an accident.

She claims she used GOOGLE maps to find the best route to her destination, apparently, the app sent her directly to a four-lane highway. 

Well, we've all been there at some point where some directions are thrown at us that don't make a lot of sense, and we use COMMON SENSE to change directions.  

Not this lady, she proceeded down the dangerous road anyways and she was hit by a car sustaining many injuries. It's bad enough that she didn't think before putting her life in the "virtual hands" of an app, however, how did she come to the conclusion that Google was responsible for her bad decision making?

What about her lawyer? It's bad enough that one person has irrational expectations or ideas but two people sharing the same point of view? Come on now! This is why you need competent legal representation when suing for personal injury damages.

The court decided she couldn't sue over bad directions, that's right!

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