Why You Need A Pre-Screened Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer.

Updated: May 3

Why Hire Top Rated Personal Injury Attorneys In Los Angeles

Although claiming fault in a Los Angeles car accident can seem to be a simple task, the fact is that the insurance provider would need a substantial amount of supporting evidence before paying you for your damages. It's important to note that an insurance provider isn't looking out for your best interests and will scrutinize your claim in order to reduce their financial risk. A California Attorney For Personal Injury will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the cause of your accident and assist you in putting together a solid case that will increase your chances of success.

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After years of steady declines in traffic fatalities and auto injuries, the state of California saw a troubling reversal in 2014, with a spike in traffic fatalities. The increase seems minor (from 3,000 in 2013 to 3,074 in 2014), but it was surprising considering the focus on safe driving and the state's crackdown on distracted driving. Bakersfield was not spared, with 35 traffic deaths in 2014, the highest number since 2006.

For many reasons, the overall incidence of distracted driving incidents is particularly intriguing. For starters, younger drivers are involved in significantly more traffic accidents than older drivers. Young adults are often more likely to text while driving and to be distracted by their cell phones. This high-risk driving behavior is almost certainly a factor.

Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving

As previously mentioned, anti-texting and anti-driving campaigns have flooded the airwaves in recent years, and rightly so. Almost 80% of car accidents in California are caused by some kind of driver distraction. While texting is the most well-known form of distracted driving, there are a variety of other activities that drivers engage in behind the wheel that divert their attention away from the road, including:

  1. Making a phone call

  2. Eating

  3. Grooming (for example: applying makeup, brushing hair, etc.)

  4. Reading

  5. Reaching for something

  6. Talking to passengers

  7. Playing with the radio

Distracted driving is described as something that takes your hands off the wheel, your mind off the road, or your eyes off the road. Since it does all three, texting and driving is a really poor combination. Drivers who text while driving take their eyes off the road for an average of five seconds, which is particularly dangerous on the highway. According to statistics, texting and driving are twice as risky as drinking and driving.

In order to curb this, California has enacted a slew of regulations in recent years to discourage distracted driving. California is one of the 14 states that prohibits the use of mobile phones while driving at all times, in addition to the headphones rule. Although the legislation had an initial positive effect, California has seen a steady increase in deaths due to distracted driving.

Accidents Involving Drunk Driving in California

Despite the fact that drinking and driving are no longer as prevalent as it was 10-20 years ago, there are still far too many incidents. The alarming rise in DUI accidents and arrests in Bakersfield is part of what prompted the city to install more cameras at stoplights. Last year, there were 135 traffic deaths in Bakersfield, which is the largest number in the last five years. DUIs with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of.08 or higher accounted for about a quarter of those. Alcohol-impaired deaths accounted for 29% of all fatalities in the state, a lower percentage than the national average of 31%.

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 34 in the United States. Every day, thirty-two people in the United States die in a car accident involving alcohol. In 2007, alcohol was involved in 37.5 percent of all traffic deaths in California. In 2007, there were 30,783 non-fatal alcohol-related car accidents in California, accounting for 11.5 percent of all car accidents. Following an eight-year upward trend, California's alcohol-related traffic deaths fell 6.8% in 2007.

In 2008, California had the second-highest total number of alcohol-related traffic deaths in the nation, with Orange County accounting for a large number of these drunk driving incidents. Despite the fact that California did not lead the country in terms of alcohol-related traffic injury deaths, its 37.5 percent was higher than the national average of 32 percent in 2007. Thirty percent of Americans would be involved in an alcohol-related crash at some stage in their lives, so knowing how to spot drunk drivers and what to do if you suspect anyone of driving while intoxicated is critical.

Car Accidents: The Most Common Causes

Los Angeles Car accidents are not only continuing to occur but are actually growing in number and severity as cars incorporate more safety features and accident-avoidance technologies. Los Angeles has the highest rate of injury-causing or fatal incidents in the nation, with the number of fatalities up more than 55 percent since 2016.

Distracted driving is one of the main reasons why the number of car accidents is increasing across the country. Even as more drivers switch to hands-free mobile phone setups in their vehicles, many modern cars now have touch-screen screens that compete with typical driving distractions like the radio, eating a snack, or looking back at the kids in the backseat for drivers' minimal attention.