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Updated: Apr 4

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Car accidents in Los Angeles County are now back up to their regular rates after car accidents dropped dramatically by 50 percent across California due to quarantine orders. Higher accident rates are caused by a rise in speed on quieter-than-usual highways, along with an increase in people walking and cycling. So far, by May 2020, a total of 21 people have lost their lives in car crashes in Los Angeles county due to road accidents.

That said, let's talk about car accidents, personal injury claims, and Car Accident Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles.

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Traffic accidents in Los Angeles

In the US, California has the highest rate of fatal road collisions. In 2019, according to statistics from the Los Angeles Police Department, there were 54,000 road accidents and 236 traffic fatalities in LA. A 32 percent rise in fatal accidents in the region has been seen in the last five years. Initially, the shelter-in-place order improved these rates; a deadly traffic accident occurred roughly once every 36 hours beforehand. This decreased to one every 2.5 days after March 19, explains Cmdr. Marc Reina.

Increasing road safety

As Los Angeles County starts the reopening process, drivers need to "get used to the fact that on the streets there are other people," advises Deputy Chief Blake Chow. Each driver "has a 5,000-pound missile control" and must be on the lookout for pedestrians, bikes, and people with carts and strollers. Many traffic lights in LA are in nighttime settings to curtail road collisions, prohibiting drivers from hitting consecutive green lights at intersections. Also, at crosswalks, pedestrian pushbuttons are deactivated to force more drivers to stop because of longer light cycles.

Handling a traffic crash

While it's important to keep safe on the road, no fault of your own can cause accidents. You will get the best outcome by staying calm and taking charge of the situation. First, call the police who will produce an official report describing the accident; if appropriate, this may be used in court. Consulting a California Personal Injury Attorney for legal representation is also important. For medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering, a reputable and experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help you gain financial compensation. An attorney also helps minimize stress by dealing with your claim and encourages a quicker recovery.

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Road protection in the Antelope Valley and the broader LA region is continuously improving. Scrambled crosswalks and traffic signals were installed on incredibly unsafe streets and intersections only last year. As the state reopens, state authorities are now looking more into improving road safety and reducing traffic accidents.

If you don't know the number of car accident accidents and deaths in Los Angeles County every year, brace yourself for a number that will take the wind out of you completely. 92,020 Angelenos were injured or killed due to a traffic crash in 2017. During the same year there were 60,000 overall incidents.

So, how many traffic crashes a day in Los Angeles does that work out for? If you describe an accident as a serious accident involving injury or a fatality, that's 164 accidents a day, a shocking number that puts into perspective the seriousness of this problem.

In 2017 ...

Of these traffic collisions,

  • 7,271 involved alcohol.

  • 294 involved an underage driver who was drunk unlawfully

  • 2,501 involved an intoxicated 21 + driver who was

  • 4,992 Motorcycles involved

  • 6,412 pedestrians involved

  • 577 pedestrians under the age of 15 years were involved.

  • 827 included pedestrians over 653,757 years of age, including motorcycles and cyclists.

  • 249 cyclists under the age of 1518,675 were explicitly involved in incidents due to excessive speeding.