How Common Are Car Crashes in California? Here's What To Do When You're in One

How To Preserve Your Car Accident Claim In California

Many drivers live in fear of being involved in a severe accident, but fender benders and other minor collisions may also result in personal injury. You can become irritated, disoriented, and injured as a result of a collision. You are more likely to make bad decisions in this state, and you might not be able to provide full details right away. California Personal Injury Lawyers will assist you in overcoming these difficulties.

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The vast number of automobile and motor vehicle incidents in Los Angeles can be attributed to various factors. None, however, is as large as the sheer number of motorists who use the thousands of miles of roads and highways. According to the California Department of Transportation, Los Angeles has over 20,771 miles of total roadways, 527 miles of interstate, and 382 miles of standard highway. In addition, Los Angeles County has over 5.8 million registered cars and well over 7.5 million overall motor vehicles. Only 5 States across the US have more registered vehicles than Los Angeles County, and that number is growing as 600,000 cars are sold each year in the region. Daily, motorists in Los Angeles County travel more than 92 million miles.

When and where would a car accident in California likely occur?

The majority of automobile accidents happen within a 25-mile radius of the driver's house. In places where you feel safe, you are more likely to let your guard down or make risky decisions.

  • One of the most popular locations for car accidents is at a stoplight. Rear-end crashes and accidental damage can be caused by faulty brakes, distracted driving, and incorrect turns.

  • Intersections, including stoplights, have a higher rate of automobile collisions. Drivers often make mistakes in determining who has the right of way, resulting in side-impact collisions.

  • Every year, many car accidents occur in garages and parking lots. Drivers may be distracted or confused by groups of pedestrians and other cars searching for open spaces. Fortunately, the majority of parking lot collisions are minor.

  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur when there are many people on the road, such as between 3 and 6 p.m. during rush hour.

  • About a fifth of all drunk driving accidents occurs between midnight and 3 a.m. on weekends. Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to travel, according to statistics.

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Car Accident In California: The Most Common Types

The type of car accident in California determines whether or not the accident is fatal. But, regardless of the type of accident, one thing is certain: the vehicle will be damaged in some way.

The following are the most common forms of car accidents that we see in California (and pretty much everywhere else in the United States):

  • Collisions with the back of the vehicle

  • This type of collision happens when Driver A slams into Driver B from behind, as the name suggests. This normally happens when Driver A is trailing Driver B too closely. One of the best ways to prevent an accident like this is to maintain a reasonable distance between yourself and other vehicles.

  • Accidents involving T-Bones or Cross-Traffic

  • This type of collision normally happens at a crosswalk and is triggered by a driver who has run a red light (or any stop sign) or who has made a right or left turn without properly yielding to oncoming traffic. The easiest way you can do to avoid an accident like this is to be extra cautious at intersections.

  • When changing lanes, avoid slamming into other vehicles.

  • Another sort of car accident in California with which you must be very familiar. This normally happens when a driver tries to change lanes without checking any of his or her blind spots first. Always make sure you are fully clear before changing lanes to prevent these types of collisions.

  • Low-Speed Collisions

  • These forms of collisions often occur in suburban neighborhoods, parking lots, and other public places. In most cases, a low-speed collision occurs when a driver is attempting to park a vehicle or backing up to exit. This is the sort of accident that is most likely to result in a pedestrian being injured. The easiest way to avoid this is to always exercise extreme caution when reversing a car.

Commercial Automobiles

Accidents involving commercial utility or delivery vehicles can happen anywhere, from highways to parking lots. Determining whether an accident was caused by human or mechanical error, and therefore who is to blame, is a difficult task that should be left to professional accident investigators.

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