Is California Super Lawyers Legit?

Updated: Mar 19

If You're Wondering Who Is The Best Lawyer In California, This Article Is For You.

One popular lawyer directory to find lawyers in California is This service is part of Thomson Reuters which is a Canadian multinational media conglomerate. The company was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where it is headquartered at the Bay Adelaide Centre. They offer professional services from legal software to marketing and advertising.

If you're looking for the best lawyer in California, you'll most likely come across their client-matching platform in the search results. According to their website, their lawyer directory is based on a peer-to-peer rating system that allows lawyers from 50 states to list their practice on their platform. is a very popular service among California attorneys because they offer different marketing services like digital and print magazines, directory advertising, content marketing among other services designed to maximize an attorney's exposure in order to generate potential leads online.

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Is Finding The Best California Lawyer Using Super Lawyers a Good Idea?

Basen on the fact that is primarily a media company and their lawyer rating system is based on peer-to-peer reviews, finding the best California lawyer using this platform alone is probably not a good idea. Moreover, is NOT certified by the California State Bar as a lawyer referral service.

A certified California lawyer referral service maintains a network of pre-screened California lawyers, and connects people in need of reputable local lawyers with its participating attorneys. Lawyer referrals are unbiased and impartial.

A potential client who contacts a lawyer referral service is directed to a lawyer who has been carefully vetted and practices in the area of law that is most appropriate for their legal case. Some lawyer referral services charge a fee for providing a lawyer referral, while others provide referrals and personal legal consultations at no cost; this is the case with

So Who Is The Best Lawyer In California?

This depends on who you ask! Lawyers will never admit they are second best, on the contrary, their marketing material will always portray them to be the best choice for your legal case. Also, a peer-to-peer rating system isn't as reliable as real client reviews and their experiences with a particular attorney.

The first and most important step when trying to find the best lawyer in California is to avoid all those attorneys who have been disciplined for unethical practices or those who have pending disciplinary actions against them. For example in 2020 alone, the California State Bar opened 17,500 cases against attorneys who committed crimes like fraud, embezzlement and professional incompetence.

Obviously, this information will never be displayed on a lawyer's profile on nor in any other online lawyer directory. That's where contacting a certified lawyer referral service becomes an important tool to find the best California lawyer for your case.

Can The California State Bar Help me Find a Lawyer?

The short answer is no. Since the California State Bar is a regulatory body, it cannot recommend California lawyers to the public. Instead, you should request a lawyer referral from a California Bar Certified lawyer referral service.