Are Tattoos Allowed In California Workplaces?

What You Need To Know About Employees And Tattoos In The Workplace

Tattoos are a form of self-expression. Studies have also shown that tattoos have become more popular than ever, and most who get them are young people.

However, young people have long been advised against getting tattoos, obvious ones on their hands and face. The most common reason for this is the old belief that tattoos will make it challenging to look for a job.

So, are there actual laws about tattoos in the workplace? Is it actually going to ruin your chances of getting jobs?

can you be fired for having a tattoo

What's In California's Employment Discrimination Laws?

California has one of the broadest protection laws against discrimination. As a result, employees from California can file discrimination claims for LGTBQ discrimination, Religious beliefs discrimination, Age discrimination, Race discrimination, Gender discrimination, Whistleblower Retaliation, Disability discrimination, Pregnancy discrimination, Marital status discrimination, Sexual harassment in the workplace, FMLA discrimination, Discrimination based on genetics, National origin discrimination, etc.

If you've been fired, retaliated against, or harassed based on the covered categories, you have grounds to file claims with a Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles.