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Are Tattoos Allowed In California Workplaces?

Updated: Nov 9

What You Need To Know About Employees And Tattoos In The Workplace?

Tattoos are a form of self-expression. Studies have also shown that tattoos have become more popular than ever, and most who get them are young people.

However, young people have long been advised against getting tattoos, obvious ones on their hands and face. The most common reason for this is the old belief that tattoos will make it challenging to look for a job.

So, are there actual laws about tattoos in the workplace? Is it actually going to ruin your chances of getting jobs?

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What's In California's Employment Discrimination Laws?

California has one of the broadest protection laws against discrimination. As a result, employees from California can file discrimination claims for LGTBQ discrimination, Religious beliefs discrimination, Age discrimination, Race discrimination, Gender discrimination, Whistleblower Retaliation, Disability discrimination, Pregnancy discrimination, Marital status discrimination, Sexual harassment in the workplace, FMLA discrimination, Discrimination based on genetics, National origin discrimination, etc.

If you've been fired, retaliated against, or harassed based on the covered categories, you have grounds to file claims with a Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles.

Each of the above categories covers multiple employment issues. For example, sex discrimination doesn't just deal with wrongful termination and retaliation based on the person's sex, but it can also include employment issues related to pregnant employees or sex-based harassment.

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Can You Be Fired For Having A Tattoo In California?

Unfortunately, tattoos fall under employment dress codes. As employers have the right to impose dress codes, they can set grooming and appearance policies at work. This means they can choose not to hire individuals with visible tattoos or ask them to cover up.

The only time employers can be sued for discrimination against tattoos would be when the employee's tattoos have a cultural or religious significance. For example, it is illegal for employers to ban hijabs or other religious clothing.

If you've been fired or discriminated against because of a religious tattoo, consider consulting a Los Angeles discrimination attorney about it.

What's Currently Being Done In California?

Fortunately, since tattoos are slowly becoming normalized, many employers won't mind that you have tattoos. Some employers don't mind them as long as it doesn't bar your capacity to do their job.

So, if you see more visibly tattooed and pierced employees, it's likely because times have changed, and people don't care about them as much. In most cases, hidden tattoos shouldn't matter. Some employers will just ask you to cover them up if you have visible ones.

There still isn't a solid tattoo discrimination law in California. The same goes for California piercing laws. However, business owners and employers are encouraged to consider tattooed applicants as some jobs don't really need such rigorous rules.

That said, if you've experienced discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination, you should consult with a Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles. It could be that the primary source of hostility isn't your tattoos at all, so it's vital to assess your situation.

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