Exemptions To At-Will Employee Termination In Santa Monica

Illegal Reasons For Firing Employees In Santa Monica, CA

When an employee is employed at will, their employer is free to terminate them whenever and for any reason. At-will employment rules also permit employees to quit their jobs anytime and without cause or notice.

The California Labor Code states that parties may end unfixed-term employment by providing the other party notice. However, an "at-will" employment arrangement gives workers no legal rights or protections, which means they can technically be fired at any time, even for no reason.

The "at-will" employment contract contains several restrictions against wrongful termination. In addition, the presumption of at-will employment may be challenged by verbal agreement, statutory exemptions, or public policy.

In other words, even though you work in Santa Monica at your own will, you cannot be terminated for unethical grounds. Let's examine the Californian exceptions to the at-will employment policy as prescreened California employment lawyers handle them.

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The exceptions relate to dismissals that, despite appearing to follow the at-will employment philosophy, have been determined by the California legislature or courts to be fundamentally unfair.

You can protect your rights if you experience these infractions by hiring a prescreened Santa Monica Labor Law Attorney to assist you in filing claims.

The three exemptions to employment at will are as follows:

Exemption for Public Policy Reasons

In states that recognize this exception, employers cannot discharge workers if the cause for the termination violates a recognized public policy. For instance, it is against accepted public policy for a manager to dismiss a worker for filing a workers' compensation claim.

It would be unlawful to fire an employee based on a protected class, according to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). The FEHA shields workers against harassment, retaliation, and discrimination in all conditions and situations of employment based on any of the following protected categories: