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Filing Employment Discrimination Claims In Torrance, California

What Protects Torrance Employees From Discrimination

California employees are protected from discrimination. Employers cannot make employment decisions that are discriminatory in nature. If they do, you can file claims and be awarded damages for the financial and emotional losses you experience due to the discrimination.

Here are a few ways discrimination is handled in Torrance, California:

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Discrimination as Defined by California Labor Laws

Your employer, recruiter, manager, or coworkers cannot use your protected characteristics when making employment decisions. These protected characteristics include:

Employment decisions include decisions about hiring, firing, penalties, and remuneration. Your gender, sex, religion, or other traits cannot be used as grounds for firing you. If not, California employment law may hold your employer accountable for your damages.

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Most Common Legal Cases On Discrimination In Torrance, California

So how can you determine if you're a victim of discrimination? There are various ways that coworkers and employers can discriminate against someone, and each takes a different form (and lawsuits).

Some of the discrimination lawsuits that might be filed in California include the following:

1. Wrongful Termination In Torrance, California

If your protected characteristic was the only factor in your termination, you might be able to file a California Wrongful Termination claim. Here are a few instances, as follows:

  • Releasing a female employee because she may be pregnant

  • The person is fired once the company finds out about their disability, even though reasonable accommodations might have made things easier for them.

An employee was wrongfully terminated after coming out as gay

In California, it is illegal to discriminate against several protected characteristics. Contact a prescreened California Wrongful Termination Attorney to find out if you have enough evidence to file a claim.

2. Retaliation Claims In California

You cannot anticipate facing retaliation from your employer if you exercise your legal rights as an employee. Therefore, if you complain or bring a lawsuit over discrimination at work, your boss cannot fire you in retribution.

Retaliation claims protect discriminated employees from any potential consequences. This means you can't be punished or sued for reporting something false (as long as you fully believed it, of course). This is so that if you utilize your employment law rights in California, you won't feel afraid or guilty.

Therefore, if you encounter discrimination or harassment due to making claims to defend your rights, you should get in touch with a prescreened California employment lawyer who can assist you in sorting things out.

3. California Constructive Dismissal

Although they may not fire you, bosses occasionally make working there as unpleasant as possible. You could be forced to give up if the poor care is severe enough. Employers will retain workers on staff while engaging in shady tactics to get them to quit because they don't want to deal with wrongful termination claims in Torrance, California.

You might currently experience ongoing harassment. Keeping track of anything that makes it challenging for you to continue working and the proof of the harassment is the simplest way to ensure you have a case to support claims. Then, make sure that your Torrance employment attorney receives these pieces of proof so that they may better assist and counsel you on your claim.

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