Filing Employment Discrimination Claims In Torrance, California

What Protects Torrance Employees From Discrimination

California employees are protected from discrimination. Employers cannot make employment decisions that are discriminatory in nature. If they do, you can file claims and be awarded damages for the financial and emotional losses you experience due to the discrimination.

Here are a few ways discrimination is handled in Torrance, California:

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Discrimination as Defined by California Labor Laws

Your employer, recruiter, manager, or coworkers cannot use your protected characteristics when making employment decisions. These protected characteristics include:

Employment decisions include decisions about hiring, firing, penalties, and remuneration. Your gender, sex, religion, or other traits cannot be used as grounds for firing you. If not, California employment law may hold your employer accountable for your damages.

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Most Common Legal Cases On Discrimination In Torrance, California

So how can you determine if you're a victim of discrimination? There are various ways that coworkers and employers can discriminate against someone, and each takes a different form (and lawsuits).

Some of the discrimination lawsuits that might be filed in California include the following:

1. Wrongful Termination In Torrance, California