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Types and Causes of Catastrophic Injury In California

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A Quick Overview Of The Most Common Causes And Immediate Effects of California Catastrophic Injuries

Any injury you experience can be deemed severe if it significantly affects your life. However, a few injuries fall under the category of catastrophic injuries under personal injury law because of their extreme severity and potential long-term consequences.

Although these catastrophic injuries can regrettably occur in any circumstance, the vast majority are caused by someone else's carelessness. Therefore, you must be aware of the many catastrophic injuries and your legal rights if you ever suffer one due to someone else's negligence.

Let's take a look at the most common cases and causes of catastrophic injury claims in Los Angeles:

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The Most Common Forms Of Catastrophic Injuries In California

As mentioned, any severe injury can be considered catastrophic under California personal injury laws. According to our catastrophic injury attorneys in Los Angeles, as long as the damage is severe enough to be life-altering, it can be considered catastrophic.

That said, some injuries are more likely to be severe than others. Here are 3 of the most common catastrophic injuries under California personal injury laws:

1. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

These injuries can potentially have some of the most profound repercussions on your life. Depending on the severity of the brain damage, you could experience everything from memory loss to a coma. Unfortunately, you must seek compensation if you ever suffer a brain injury because, regrettably, many of the leading causes of brain injuries are negligence-related.

There are numerous ways in which brain injuries can happen. For example, in a car crash, the force of the impact may cause your head to strike the metal dashboard or frame, leading to severe contusions or a concussion. In a slip-and-fall incident, you could be knocked over, land forcefully on your back, and hit the ground with the back of your head. Recognizing the potential sources of negligence is crucial in any instance.

To recover compensation, consult with prescreened Los Angeles Catastrophic Injury Lawyers. They know their way around the law and could handle all the crucial steps you need to take while you focus on recovering from the accident.

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2. Spinal Cord Injuries

Because these injuries are frequently accompanied by paralysis or total loss of function in several limbs, they are commonly considered the most serious. When this occurs, your entire life is affected, and even the most straightforward chores become challenging.

Slip and fall and car accidents are two of the most frequent causes of spinal cord damage. Tens of thousands of new instances are unfortunately brought out annually, which require millions of dollars in lifetime expenses.

Recovering from these injuries might be difficult. So you might have to rely on your family members and your personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California to sort things out for you.

3. Burns

Many burns are freak accidents that can occur without anybody else being present. However, if you experience burn damage, someone else might be liable in some circumstances. In a restaurant, for instance, if a drink (like coffee) is made too hot. On you, the waiter pours it. The high temperature may have caused the burns, rendering the eatery accountable.

Burn injuries can have some of the most severe effects on victims due to the long-term physical and psychological harm they can cause. Skin grafts might be required, but the most severe burns might harm the nerves, fat, and muscle below the skin.

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The Most Common Causes Of Catastrophic Injuries In California

As mentioned, the cited injuries can happen in any scenario. However, some accidents are more likely to cause these injuries, including:

Since catastrophic injury claims have more significant damages, assessing your claim before accepting low-balled offers is crucial. Los Angeles personal injury lawyers know how often people are given low offers, especially when they don't know how to correctly calculate the damages themselves. So, make sure you consult catastrophic injury attorneys in Los Angeles before making your next move.

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