Injured At Work in California?

Updated: Apr 21

Worker's Comp: How To Deal With Work-Related Injuries in California

Not all injured employees would need the services of a lawyer. After all, the workers' compensation scheme is intended to be a simple administrative mechanism for employees to manage. You will usually manage your own claim if it is a simple one that your employer or the insurance provider is not contesting. Unfortunately, the procedure is not always so straightforward. Many employers will need to hire a California Labor Lawyer or will greatly benefit from doing so.

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An employee who is injured at work could have a claim that is not covered by workers' compensation, in which case an Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles may be appropriate. You can normally sue your employer in court for a workplace accident if you were injured as a result of your employer's deliberate act or if you're a crew member on a vessel or an interstate railroad worker.

System of Workers' Compensation

If you are injured or sick at work, you are most likely entitled to workers' compensation insurance. Physical accidents, occupational disabilities, and certain psychological and stress-related disorders are all protected by workers' compensation. As long as the accidents or illnesses are work-related, they can happen at any time.

When it comes to work-related accidents and illnesses, workers' compensation is normally the only option for rehabilitation. This means you won't be able to file a civil case against your boss. Instead, you must file a claim with the workers' compensation department in your state. The majority of employers are expected to contribute to the workers' compensation scheme by providing benefits through the state's fund.

What Kinds of People Are Eligible for Workers' Compensation?

Anyone who is hurt on the job and has workers' compensation coverage can be eligible for benefits. These injuries ma