What's An Attorney Referral Service?

In California, attorney referral services are organizations which are governed by statute (Business & Professions Code section 6155 and State Bar Rules Title 3. Programs and Services. Division 5.

An attorney referral service helps local communities help competent legal representation in different areas of law. Attorneys who are registered with a referral service must meet minimal experience requirements and must be insured by a professional liability policy at all times.

california attorney referral service

Benefits of Using A California Attorney Referral Service

Unlike lawyer directories where any attorney can sign up to be listed, certified attorney referral services offer a unique advantage to the public because attorneys are vetted and qualified before being accepted as a panel member.

A California attorney referral service makes sure that:

  1. Attorneys are in good standing with the California State Bar

  2. Attorneys are not under investigation for committing unethical acts.

  3. Each attorney has at least 5 years of working experience in the area of law that they practice.

  4. Attorneys are properly insured.

  5. Attorneys have a good tracking record and professional references.

california attorney referral services

Additionally, there are some differences among certified attorney referral services. Some attorney referral services specialize in in certain areas of law and others focus on servicing specific groups in the community.

If you are looking to hire an attorney in California, attorney referral services are a good way to start your search. You can find a list of lawyer referral services by contacting the California State Bar or simply by submitting your case details here.

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