Need A California Wrongful Termination Settlement Calculator?

Updated: May 22

How To Calculate Possible Damages From A Wrongful Termination Lawsuit In California

Unfortunately, some people won't pursue a wrongful termination claim thinking it isn't worth the time, effort, and emotional investment. However, California wrongful termination attorneys advise that you consider the possible monetary and non-monetary benefits of filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. Oftentimes, the rewards are enough to help you recover, get back on your feet, and find a new job.

So, how much should you be expecting from a California wrongful termination lawsuit?

wrongful termination california settlements

A Quick Intro To Wrongful Termination Settlements

Wrongful termination is considered an illegal employment action in California. This means you'll be able to file a wrongful termination lawsuit with California wrongful termination attorneys.

For wrongful termination in California, settlements depend on a lot of factors, including:

  • Your wage or salary

  • Your income loss

  • Your current employment status

  • How your current and future employment was affected

  • Emotional distress

Again, wrongful termination or retaliation settlements can change depending on who's filing claims. It could also depend on your ability to prove that your employer, supervisor, or co-workers committed illegal actions under