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What Can You Sue For In Palmdale Employment Law

A List Of Crucial Employment Law Claims In California

California has one of the broadest worker protections in the country. However, employers and coworkers can still deny someone else their employment rights. Fortunately, the law allows employees a chance to assert their rights and get compensation for any financial loss and emotional distress they incur because of the denial of their rights.

That said, when can you file employment law claims? What types of violations can an employer or coworker do that would warrant them getting sued?

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1. Class Action Lawsuits

An employer's actions may impact the entire workplace or a big group of employees in some instances. A class action lawsuit might bring all of the claims against a single defendant together in one place. The claims must be related by a common matter of law or fact, and the class representative must be capable of appropriately representing all of the class members.

An expert Palmdale Employment Law Attorney should handle employment-related class action cases. Many legal steps must be performed for a judge to certify the class. A class action lawsuit has various advantages, but it is best to hire an attorney first to ensure that the case gets forward.

2. Workplace Harassment

Employees should never be harassed, abused, or mistreated in the workplace. Workplace harassment is unfortunately common, affecting both men and women across the country. Employers must not only investigate claims of harassment but also take reasonable steps to avoid and correct the behavior, according to state labor law.

You may be eligible for compensation if you are harassed at work because of your race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, or other reasons. Our employment law attorneys in Palmdale can assist you in determining whether you have a genuine cause of action and whether you should pursue a claim for damages.

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3. Wage And Hour Law Disputes

Wage and hour disagreements are one of the state's most common types of labor law breaches. As a result, employees who were misclassified as exempt were not paid for all of the hours they worked, were asked to labor off the clock, or were subjected to a variety of other illegal requests may have a viable claim for damages.

You may be able to submit a claim for damages if you were underpaid or denied overtime compensation. You are entitled to reasonable compensation. A prescreened Palmdale Employment Law Attorney will work with you to hold your employer accountable and obtain the compensation you deserve.

4. Employment Discrimination

Employees in California are protected from discrimination in the workplace. Individuals who are discriminated against due to the following have legal recourse:

There are several ways you can experience workplace discrimination, including being passed over for a promotion, receiving unfair treatment, retribution, or working in a hostile atmosphere. If you are experiencing employment discrimination, you must take immediate action to defend your rights.

5. Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

One of the most heinous forms of workplace harassment is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is illegal and can be performed by both men and women. Unwanted sexual advances, crude sexual statements, requests for sexual favors, or physical touches should never be tolerated.

You have the right to file a complaint if you are subjected to sexual harassment at work, whether from a supervisor, a coworker, or someone else. Our employment law experts in Los Angeles can assist you in holding those responsible for their misdeeds accountable.

6. California Wrongful Termination Claims

Employees are frequently fired for illegal reasons. Even at-will employees, who can be fired whenever the employer wants, still cannot be fired for unlawful reasons. For example, your boss can't fire you because of discrimination, retaliation, or breach of contract.

If you have a wrongful termination claim, contact a Palmdale Labor Law Attorney immediately. Your lawyer will know their way around the law and can help you build a solid case.

You must act swiftly if you have been wrongfully fired from your job. You only have a certain amount of time under California law to launch a wrongful termination complaint.

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