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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

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Medical Malpractice litigation is a complex procedure that can be uncomfortable and daunting. You are likely to concentrate on healing your injuries and obtaining adequate medical attention rather than thinking about contacting your healthcare provider's attorney or looking for medical experts who can support your legal claim.

This is why it is important to find the best legal representation that will take your mind away from pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit. When you contact a California State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service, you will be provided with an unbiased and impartial referral to pre-screened and ethical medical malpractice lawyers in your area for a FREE case analysis and legal consultation.

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Medical Malpractice Cases in California

Allegations of medical malpractice are complex in that there is a range of facts that need to be analyzed to ensure that the allegation has validity and is allowed to be filed with a court. If you or a loved one are victims of medical negligence, it is important to know that you have a prescribed period of time in which you can make a lawsuit. It is possible that you will not be able to do so at any point if you fail to make a claim within that timeline, and you will not be eligible to recover from your pain and suffering.

If you are making a medical malpractice lawsuit in California, this page is intended to provide an overview of what you can expect; however, the safest course of action to take is to consult with a pre-screened California medical malpractice lawyer licensed in the state of California. An experienced lawyer will direct you through the nuances of the laws that are more closely tailored to your medical malpractice claim facts and discuss the merits of your case.

Violation of the Duty of Treatment

Most professionals who have a client working relationship must adhere to a duty of care owed to this person.. Doctors and other medical professionals must comply with certain requirements and comply with a code of ethics and standards already developed, providing patients with the best possible treatment. It does not end with a successful medical malpractice suit when the doctor violates this duty of care. Still, there are four components used in the courtroom or for insurance mediation agreements that may help show that the doctor has breached this duty of care to the point of valid litigation.

The initial aspect is the infringement of this duty owed to the person, and the injury is the second and necessary element. When there is no harm, the infringement does not always matter. Then it will be appropriate for the legal team to show that the violation caused the accident, which is causation. The prosecutor will then need to justify the damages, linking these elements together. This typically starts with the injury and the subsequent medical care required to recover from the incident and move on to other problems such as loss of income, damage to property, and the decline of the patient's quality of life due to the injury.