Common Examples Of Workplace Discrimination In Los Angeles

Have You Been Discriminated Against At Work? File A California Employment Law Claim

Discrimination is unlawful under California employment law. Therefore, your employer and co-workers cannot make any employment decisions motivated by prejudice against your protected characteristics.

If you've been discriminated against at the workplace, you'll have grounds to find a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer and file California labor law claims. If successful, you'll be able to get compensation for financial losses and emotional distress you've suffered because of the unlawful acts of discrimination.

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Defining Discrimination Under Labor Laws In Los Angeles

Your employer, recruiter, manager, and co-workers cannot make employment decisions based on your protected characteristics. These characteristics can include:

"Employment-related" decisions include hiring, firing, penalties, and wages. This means you cannot be fired solely for your gender, sex, religion, and so on. Otherwise, your employer can face a California employment law claim and must compensate you for your losses.

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Most Common Cases Of Employment Discrimination In California

That said, how do you know you're being discriminated against? There are several ways employers and co-workers can discriminate against someone, which manifests in different ways (and lawsuits).

Here are some of the discrimination-related lawsuits that could be filed in California:

1. Wrongful Termination

If you were fired solely because of your protected characteristic, you could file a California Wrongful Termination claim. Here are some examples of acts of wrongful termination:

  • Firing a female employee because they were or can be pregnant

  • A disabled employee is fired after the employer finds out about their condition, even if reasonable