What Doesn't Count As Wrongful Termination In California?

Legal Grounds For Firing Employees In Los Angeles, California

California is an at-will state. This means employment agreements can include working at the employer's discretion and the employee's. This means that the employee has the freedom to leave whenever they wish.

Employers can terminate employees for any reason or no reason at all. On the other hand, at-will employees are still protected from being fired for reasons that aren't legal (which still counts as Wrongful Termination).

So, is your termination legal? Can you file claims in California? Let's discuss:

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Employees who have been terminated can immediately file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

When this occurs, the employer must demonstrate that the dismissal was based on specific behavior rather than bias against a group or class of persons. This is referred to as "firing for cause" in legal terms. There are several reasons why employers would terminate employees:

  • Incompetence

  • Insubordination

  • Dishonesty or disobedience

  • Frequent absenteeism or persistent tardiness

  • Theft or other criminal acts

  • Discrimination in the form of sexual harassment

  • Making physical threats

All of these actions hinder a company's ability to perform correctly. Speak with one of our prescreened California employment lawyers if you're still unsure if your boss legally fired you. After all, no two cases are the same, so conduct your research and seek guidance from the right people about what to do next.