Why You Need an Employment Law Attorney for Wage and Hour Claims

Updated: Apr 22

For Wage And Hour Claims, Contact An Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles ASAP

The United States safeguards a worker's right to choose how many hours they should work and how much they should be paid. The regulations are known as wage and hour laws, and they determine how much you should be paid per hour. The minimum wage amount varies by state, and many states still have a provision on how many hours you can expect to work every day. When these rights are infringed, you might need the help of an California Employment Attorney that can help you get what you are entitled to.

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Such government rules include various minimum sums you must be charged for overtime pay, weekend pay, and holiday pay. There are some general principles that apply to wage and hour legislation that you should be aware of if you want to make sure you're getting a decent wage. Contact an Los Angeles Employment Lawyer if you or someone you know is working under circumstances that do not meet the state's minimum wage requirements. You are entitled to the compensation you have received.

Your Salary

There are rules in place to protect the minimum wage you are entitled to. These same laws specify the types of workers who are eligible for overtime pay if they require long hours. Not all employers follow these rules, some mistakenly, and if this is not fixed, civil money fines will be imposed.

The following are examples of wage breaches committed by employers:

  • Excessive deductions from salaries in place of tips

  • Paying less than the minimum wage set by the state

  • Paying a "training salary" to employees who should be getting more

  • Employees are forced to work 'off-the-clock' without pay

  • Taking money from wages paid in commodities, such as meals, for the purpose of purchasing food

  • For extra hours worked, there is no additional compensation or 'overtime' pay

The regulations are in order to safeguard you as an employee. The rules are in place to ensure that employers pay their workers fairly for the work they do.

Is it a guarantee that I will be paid at least the minimum wage?

Each state has its own set of rules for minimum wage and overtime pay. It is critical that you consider the various work types and sectors that are needed by federal legislation to determine a minimum wage level. The Federal Wage Law (FLSA) applies to these occupations and sectors, and employers must pay workers at least the Federal Minimum Wage per hour of work.