Involved In A Car Accident in Southern California? Lawyer Up!

Updated: Apr 8

Avoid making mistakes and protect your legal rights after an accident. Contact a Car Accident Injury Attorney ASAP.

If you are involved in an auto accident in Southern California and you have suffered an injury, you must seek legal representation immediately.

The best way to find a California Attorney For Personal Injury is by requesting an unbiased and impartial referral to a pre-screened and reputable California Car Accident Attorney. Use the services of a California Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service where each lawyer is meticulously screened on your behalf.

That said, let's talk about what you should do after a car accident in Southern California, as advised by a prescreened Car Accident Injury Attorney.

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Immediately after an auto accident in Southern California

  • Take care of the medical needs of those concerned first. If required, call 911, but note that 911 is only to be used for emergencies.

  • If there are no injuries, move your car away from traffic to the nearest place of safety.

  • Notify the California Highway Patrol Department or the city's police department in which the accident took place.

  • Exchange driver's license, car registration and insurance info with other drivers.

  • Do not take any responsibility. Your insurance provider has people qualified to decide who is at fault.

  • Collect contact details from potential witnesses.

  • Take a moment to write down everything you remember about the accident, such as the time of day, traffic conditions, weather, and the events that contributed to the collision.