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How To Find Top-Rated California Estate Planning Attorneys

Updated: Nov 21

Hire Pre-Screened California Lawyers for Estates, Trusts, and Wills

Asset insurance, wills, probate, trusts, and real estate transfers are included in California estate planning. Estate training also requires much more than merely writing up a will. Estate planning by an accomplished lawyer is a must whether you have real estate or properties worth more than $150,000.

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Why do I need a pre-screened California Estate Planning Attorney?

Pre-screened estate planning attorneys are professionals who have been vetted for honesty, credentials, performance, ethics, experience, and fair legal fees. Our lawyer referral service is certified and approved by the California State Bar, and we provide our clients with unbiased and impartial referrals to top-rated attorneys. has supported people and families of all forms, backgrounds, and incomes with common-sense estate planning since 2005, designed to maintain their wealth and move it on according to their wishes to heirs and subsequent generations.

California Estate Planning

If it's handling a will by probate, a straightforward trust for a couple that purchases real estate, or a complicated land strategy that involves multi-tiered structuring, organized lifetime gifting, and sophisticated irrevocable trust techniques, the attorney will have the property planning and trust solutions you need to ensure that your property transfers to your heirs easily, effectively, and cheaply, while securing your heirs.

Comprehensive California Estate Planning Legal Services

An estate plan will vary from straightforward to complicated multi-generational arrangements to address family members and charities. As well as how the end-of-life treatment is handled, the estate planning lawyer specializes in drafting wills, trust agreements, and other difficult estate planning alternatives.

Our estate planning lawyers will help you determine how and to whom, following your death, your property and other belongings will be transferred. Our estate planning attorneys will then create the estate strategy that best matches your desires, depending on your wishes, including reducing taxes such as income tax, gift taxes, estate, and generation-skipping transition taxes that will reduce your estate's value.

The Importance of Trusts and Working with an Attorney

In California estate planning, trusts are an increasingly popular instrument. Although trusts may take several forms, they all aim to empower you to specify how you wish to allocate your property. While several estate planning lawyers claim to be competent in the field of estate planning, there is a complicated body of law involving an experienced lawyer to aid in the creation of a comprehensive estate plan.

Trusts are also used because they are not liable to probate, unlike wills, which can be costly and time-consuming. Trusts are often private records, although wills on the creator's death are public records. Our pre-screened estate planning attorneys will decide which form of trust is right for you after considering your financial condition and interests.

California Estate Planning Attorneys

Why You Need a Will—and Why You Need the Help of a Pre-Screened Lawyer?

Your attorney would have comprehensive experience working with wills and probate. With the support of our estate planning attorneys, we strongly recommend drawing up a will to ease the allocation of properties, restrict the role of probate courts and ensure that guardians are in a position to provide for your family.

A valid will requires the probate court, according to its instructions, to allocate your property according to your specific instructions. A probate court will determine, without a will, how your properties are allocated, regardless of your personal interests or your family's needs. Check with our pre-screened estate planning lawyers to ensure that you make the right decisions on how your assets are allocated, not the court system.

Advanced Health Care Directives

Directives on advanced health care are becoming increasingly relevant. When you become incapacitated, an advanced healthcare directive will warn healthcare professionals and your families of your medical treatment priorities. An Advanced Health Care Directive also requires you to recommend an official if you are unable to make such choices for yourself to make health care decisions for you.

How Do I Request An Unbiased Referral To A Pre-Screened, Ethical Estate Planning Attorney In Los Angeles?

  1. You can submit a request online 24 hours a day. Free case review within 15 minutes.

  2. By chat, you'll be connected with a pre-screened and experienced estate planning lawyer within 5 minutes.

  3. By calling the 24-hour lawyer referral hotline at 1-661-310-7999

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