When Can You File Employment Discrimination Claims In Pasadena, California

Updated: Jul 22

California Discrimination Laws That Protect You

California provides the broadest worker protections in the country. As a result, if you've experienced discrimination for your protected characteristics, you might have a viable California employment law claim. If successful, these claims will allow you to be compensated for the emotional and financial effects of the employment discrimination.

That said, what is discrimination? How does it fit in employment law? Here's a brief overview of employment discrimination in California, how it might affect you, and how they are handled by a prescreened Pasadena Discrimination Attorney.

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Definition of Discrimination Under Pasadena Labor Laws

Your employer, recruiter, manager, or coworkers cannot use your protected traits to make employment decisions. These qualities may include:

Hiring, dismissing, punishments, and compensation decisions are all considered to be "employment decisions." You cannot be fired due to your gender, sex, religion, or other characteristics. Otherwise, your employer may be liable for your losses under California employment law.

Most Common Examples Of Illegal Discrimination In Pasadena, CA

Having said that, how can you tell if you're the victim of discrimination? Employers and coworkers can discriminate against someone in several ways, each of which takes distinct forms (and lawsuits).

The following are some of the lawsuits involving discrimination that could be brought in California:

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1. Pasadena Wrongful Termination