Employee Rights In Los Angeles, California

Updated: Apr 7

Top reasons why you need to consult with an Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles

The rights of workers are more critical than ever in this economy. Big corporations seem to have gained control and the opportunity to abuse employee rights, with fewer and fewer small businesses hiring employees in California. Hence, why it's always important to review California Employment Law to know your rights and your legal options, so you know when and how you can assert them.

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Why you must consult with a California Employment Attorney

Wages and hours are one form of employee rights that are frequently at issue. In particular, in many recent employment law cases, the topic of labor law breaks has made its way to court. For every 30 hours of work done for the employer, workers are entitled to a 30-minute uninterrupted meal break.

What if, though, by signing a meal break waiver, workers forfeit their right to a meal break? Or what if the worker clocks out for a meal break but continues to work through the break as the employee is expected to do so by the company? In California employment law, these employee rights are actually hot topics, and the answers to these issues are unclear as of now.

Another hot subject about the rights of workers deals with employment discrimination. If a company fires an employee but offers a false excuse for the termination, what happens? Is this called an unfair termination? Does this give rise to a feasible occupational discrimination claim?

Suppose workers prove that an employer offered a false excuse for firing the employee under California discrimination laws. In that case, this does not necessarily mean that the company violated the employee's rights. However, for the reason why the employee was fired, the company has to give another reason. The employee can have a viable discrimination argument if this justification is considered discriminatory.

Another current issue of California employment law is employee rights relating to working conditions. In particular, the question of whether workers are forced to stand up without the opportunity to sit down in a chair for long periods of time. Recently, several complaints against employers that need workers to stand up in the retail sector have been filed. Do employees' rights entitle employees to sit down, or are staff forced to stand up all day long?

That said, if you're not sure whether your employment concerns are enough to file claims, then you should consult with Employment Law Attorneys to know your options. Californ