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The Los Angeles County Bar Association

Updated: Jan 21

History & Initiatives Of The The Los Angeles County Bar Association

The Los Angeles County Bar is a voluntary bar association with more than 21,000 members across Los Angeles County, California. Established in 1878, the mission of LACBA was to meet the professional needs of lawyers, promote justice administration, and support the public with access to justice.

The Los Angeles County Bar Association

LACBA supports those who need legal help or who can not afford it, in addition to serving attorneys. In 2010, the three programs of LACBA-Domestic Abuse Assists Legal Services and Immigration Legal Assistance-and hundreds of volunteer lawyers supported more than 20,000 individuals. They've delivered pro bono services for more than $3.6 million. LACBA also provides the general population with other programs.

Members of the LACBA have the opportunity to engage in more than 70 fields of practice and committees, one of which is to assist those who have served in the military.

The Los Angeles County Bar Association Initiatives

The Domestic Violence Initiative helps victims of harassment navigate the justice system, prepares petitions for temporary restraining orders, pays for Judicial hearing preparation, and referrals for Court representation to pro bono lawyers. The project works with the Supreme Court of Los Angeles to arrange support for victims and their families and educate legal and law enforcement personnel on available legal options for violence victims and collaborate with them. In 2011, their 25th anniversary was marked by the Domestic Violence Initiative.

For people seeking information on political asylum, green cards, work permits, family requests, and citizenship, the Immigration Legal Assistance Project offers legal advice. This project operates out of the Los Angeles Federal Building and is an on-site center of referral for immigration authorities and trains lawyers in immigration law and procedures. This project hosts an educational fair every year in Los Angeles, where free legal advice is provided.

The AIDS Legal Services Initiative advises HIV / AIDS clients on a wide variety of human rights and legal issues, helps avoid discrimination, and protects its clients' rights, benefits, and dignity. The project partners with 35 HIV / AIDS community-based organizations in Los Angeles to support consumers, often low-income or disabled consumers and people of color, in multiple languages.

The Los Angeles County Bar Association Lawyer Referral

LACBA founded the Center for Civic Mediation (formerly Conflict Resolution Services or DRS) as the Neighborhood Justice Center. The Center for Civic Mediation serves individuals, families, and neighborhoods through mediation to resolve disputes and other issue-solving techniques. It offers preparation, education, and coaching for mediation and conflict resolution that prepares individuals to tackle conflicts in personal, community, and work environments. Part of its Youth Peer Mediation and Dispute Resolution initiative, the Center for Civic Mediation also provides training. This program is intended to mitigate violence among young people and to impart leadership and conflict resolution skills to them.

Since 1979, through the Attorney-Client Mediation and Arbitration Services Committee (ACMAS), the Los Angeles County Bar Association has offered arbitration services under Business & Professions Code Section 6200 et seq (Business and Professions Code Sections 6200-6206 is approved to provide the courts with an alternative platform to settle conflicts between clients). The program is the largest initiative of this kind in the State of California and offers arbitration services on an annual basis to more than 1,000 individuals. For questions about their programs you may call (213) 896-6560, their hours of operation as of 2020 are 8:45AM–5PM

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