Can I Sue My Employer For Firing Me Under False Accusations?

Updated: Apr 7

Find Out If You Have A Claim Under California Employment Law For Wrongful Termination

Yes, you can sue your employer if you've been wrongfully terminated. Yet, you need prove that your employer violated labor laws, and you need to assess how strong your argument is. That's said, let's look at wrongful termination and other specifics of the law, as they will be handled by an Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles.

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I was fired for no reason at all, now what?

Many times when a company has a good excuse to fire an employee, people try to sue for being fired. Not every termination is illegal. Here's a fundamental rundown on whether you might possibly sue for wrongful termination.

If your boss commits any of the following acts, you will be able to sue for wrongful termination:

You can settle outside of court or present the case before a judge if you plan to bring a lawsuit. Many considerations go into each case, so it's the safest first step is to meet with a California employment lawyer for a FREE case analysis.

Additionally, a prescreened California Wrongful Termination Attorney will have experience with the law, have handled similar cases, and will know how to navigate negotiations and documentations.

Jobs at-will: reasons why you might be fired

Jobs at-will indicates that your boss does not need an excuse to fire you. They do not need to give you warning as well. An at-will worker may be let go at any moment as long as the justification is not unconstitutional.

For example, you may be fired for any of the following reasons:

  • Infringement of your work contract

  • Bad work results or performance feedback

  • Employee agreement breach (anything listed in the employee handbook)

  • Misconduct or acts that are unprofessional (such as being late, absences, not being a team player, damaging property, etc.)

  • Stealing from your work or any other crime like being under the influence.

  • Assault or sexual harassment or bullying your co-workers

There are only a few cases of persons getting shot. Know that an employer will dismiss you for something that is not illegal for at-will jobs, because while they can't fire you for the color of your skin, they might theoretically fire you for your hair's (unnatural) color.

That said, if you've ever experienced Wrongful Termination in California, it's best to contact a Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles ASAP.

You got terminated for no reason at all?

Before being dismissed, employees may be entitled to a due process hearing. At-will employees in California, though may be dismissed without: